With the Bitcoin mining at the root of the success, a simple answer can be found. It is not as hard as it seems. There are many of you who wonder why will there be another set of Bitcoins in the world? And if the answer is that another currency will be born to replace it then the question has been answered satisfactorily.

It is the only currency that works with our own time fastest time in existence. It is also an effective and fast way to convert into other currencies.

With the availability of the iPhone app, now we have the best opportunity to utilize the Bitcoins. Your iPhone is a gift from the gods, you can use it to do anything you want with your money. Some of the ideas you could do with it:

You can buy lottery tickets. You won’t just save cash, you will be able to make a ton of lottery prize.

You can also buy games that people play for fun and excitement. Examples of those games are poker, backgammon, blackjack and roulette. You can also trade some of your assets that you cannot afford to sell for those games.

Another useful idea is that you can buy games through your iPhone and give them away. The idea is that the moment you have given them away to your friends, they would surely benefit by getting more money.

One advantage that comes from the fact that you have to hold your money and spend it is that you can convert the currency. Because of this reason, it is a currency that is very stable and it can never go to zero. In addition, you won’t have to worry about future inflation and capital gains.